The Working Bond.

I have really been enjoying the wonderful warm spring weather and as I look forward to visiting Witney Pony Partners in Oxfordshire next week, for a Waterhole Rituals ™ clinic, I am always reminded by my horses how important The Carolyn Resnick method, The Waterhole Rituals ™ are to everything we do together.

Through the relationship we have built my horses are happy to share a ‘Working Bond’ with me. I will always consider them and how they feel about something. In return they offer their best efforts.

Noonoo has shown me she prefers to be ridden bitless, I am not an accomplished rider by any means so the challenge of bitless dressage is one I continue to work at, on myself of course more than Noons.

Through the practice of The Waterhole Rituals ™ Noonoo and I share a bond that goes beyond anything I could have imagined she knows what I am asking and I know how she feels and what she enjoys.

This week she had a stone in her foot, it made a dent, after having an abscess earlier in the year I was horrified, to think she could have bruising and go through that pain again! I started tubbing her foot, just in case. Today she stood for 10 mins with her foot in the bucket with me her no 1 fan telling her how amazing she is, when I picked up a towel to dry it she lifted her foot from the bucket, held it up and looked at me as if to say this is what you wanted right? Horses never cease to surprise, amaze and fill me with joy.

Love Jayne and Noonoo x

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