Catching the moment.

Some food for thought, have you ever tried to build the connection more with your horse at liberty by catching a behavior you may have set a boundary over and turning it into your idea?

An example came along the other day, someone I have been working with has a tricky horse who can switch off, however when woken up he can also loose control of himself and let his energy run away. We had to find a way to help him stay focused and aware with a little more energy but not so much that his focus goes and he is in panic.

When sent out he would do a bit of trot or canter then in the same place turn in and run towards his human, she found this disconcerting. He was sent away for this which would cause him to lose control of himself and any focus he had on his human. So we decided to ask him to come in just before the spot where he would choose to come in, this gave the impression it was our idea and he enjoyed it, being asked to do something he would have done and being praised for it. If we take baby steps towards guiding him, by growing the relationship and the bond, our horse will naturally become more focused and will want to come to us, when we ask. We have to stay mindful about when to set a boundary and when to rejig what is happening so that we don’t need to. By finding ways of making a request when our horse is willing we will grow our partnership. This is something Carolyn Resnick taught me through the Waterhole Rituals ™ ” ask when the horse is willing.”

We have to take the steps our horse can manage in everything we do, make it easy, make it something he wants to do. Catch the moment!

Love Jayne x

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