My soulmate, my teacher.

Most people who know me know of my journey with Noonoo, it started almost 12years ago. I fell in love with Xinita a 4 year old recently backed, very green and wobbly Lusitano mare. Over the years I have made many mistakes, not always had help from people who understood her, sometimes she had to shout to be heard, I was out of my league with her.

She has proved the saying ” When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear” I wasn’t actually ready but appear she did!

I have been helped ( luckily for us) first by Joyce Mulder who started us on the road to straightening her and helping her physically, also helping me to understand more about my seat, aids and how to influence her from work in hand and riding. Joyce continues to help us and has seen us evolve.

Noons teaching me to slow up!

The life changing thing she taught me was this alone was not enough, I had to discover Carolyn Resnick and The Waterhole Rituals ™ as well. Mainly to change me, our relationship and how, in whatever we do I must never let go of that. I will always stand up for her, be there for her and be grateful for her being my teacher, she knows I am trying to do my best and she is very forgiving of my mistakes.

This has also been life changing in the last few years since Carolyn made me a certified instructor, I know from my own horses how life enhancing this can be, so love that I can share it with others and am grateful to have met many horses and humans who come to the Carolyn Resnick Method, The Waterhole Rituals ™ clinics.

Recently I have ridden Noonoo bareback again to try and improve my seat in the canter she is coming up more in her shoulders and tries really hard for me. As we improve together we try to do the best for each other first we move her bottom one way then the other, we try to think more uphill and I try to remember not to drop her when we come back from canter. What ever we do we always have a strong connection, we really like each other and enjoy not only the Bond of friendship we share but the working bond and partnership in anything else we choose to do.

Noons helping me experiment further with Bitless dressage and sometimes bareback too, sometimes we ride at liberty without tack as well, nothing changes our relationship so long as I consider how she feels about what we do.

Love Jayne x

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