Useful Links

Carolyn Resnick

she has a brilliant blog each week and I would definitely recommend her book, dvd and if you find her method interesting, her online course’s.


Linda Salinas

who comes over to UK for clinics she is one of Carolyns certified trainers.


Joyce Mulder
Joyce has helped me for some time with Work in hand, ground work, and riding.


The Gentil bridle

Jenny Rolfe


Peter Maddison Greenwell


Jo Baker

Jo recently made me a longer strap for my nose piece on my bitless bridle, good job done quickly and reasonably.

JO  at Earthbound organics, not horse related you may think ,well actually having very sensitive skin and eyes and spending long hours outside it is! Wonderful products.


Maria Owens

She also stocks Deuber saddles like mine and cavessons.


Markus Holst Tackshop

he has some great equipment and its where I got my bit for Noo Noo.


Dragonfly Browbands


Jayne Forster – Liberty Connections

Find lots more information on my Facebook page


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