I am an addict.

I have to finally own up to it, horses are my addiction, it is becoming difficult to live a normal life, today was earmarked for housework, washing, cleaning, paying some bills. None of which has been done!

I fear my condition may be about to get far worse, Joyce is here tonight so more horses will be here tomorrow for lessons.  It gets even worse next week Linda Salinas arrives!!

Then 3 full days among others like myself I may be lost forever after this, I could be found living in a field just to be around them even longer. Today the sun was shining and the company was beautiful.

great veiw.jpg

These two along with Tarquin are the main reason for this condition today they kept drawing me to stay longer with them, it was hard to leave but all hope is not lost I did eventually get hungry and grass was never going to do it, I had to come in for some lunch. Next time I must prepare a picnic!

laying down


Beware of this condition there is no cure, it can be life enhancing and addictive.

Have a great weekend.

Life coaches, Guru’s, Therapy and Store cards.

Strange title for a blog about horses?? More and more people are awakening to a different way of being, more and more are searching for that elusive thing called mindfulness or being present or spirituality. There are many guides out there and many who want to be of assistance to humanity.

I have been most fortunate that the horses led me to this path, I wasn’t searching for anything, I knew nothing of finding who I truly am and what my purpose in life was. I have always been very accepting of wherever I am in life.

My husband jokes, when asked by non horsey friends about his wife’s ‘expensive’ hobby. He tells them, ” Its way cheaper than therapy or a store card!” There is a lot of truth here!

Horses are masters of living in the present, they are masters of showing us our true nature. My horses led me on a path which was very unexpected. They led me to find Carolyn Resnick and The Waterhole Rituals. This has been truly life changing for me, I have learnt more about myself than horses even. This is what has led me to want to share this with others, it is my deep desire to share the things that have empowered me as a person and to help others find this path, with love and joy in my heart, I hope it is infectious we certainly need to feel more of it in our world today. In our busy lives filled with thoughts of the past and future the horses are always here to assist us. My horses are my therapists, guides, gurus and life coaches they know the personal journey I have been on, they feel it when my mind becomes distracted and they bring me back. I love all that they bring to my world, dancing at liberty, riding, but most of all reminding me who I am and showing me peace.

IMG_0332 (1)

Through what Carolyn Resnick and Linda Salinas have shared with me, I feel empowered I am so grateful for the chance to connect with many people and horses I would never have met.  Growing a sense of community, friendship and support. Here surrounded by mountains and cold Welsh weather. sharing a moment of fun too. I wish you all peace and harmony after all this is what the horses look for in their lives and it’s a great example for humanity.

Horses can enjoy a new challenge and teach us to slow up.

Sometimes when I am with my horses they feel like they are up for trying something new, today I set up an obstacle course, it was based on the one used in Working Equitation, I made a jump out of hay bales and had 3 barrels in a triangle to work around, a pen to go in and around and an L shape of poles to go into and back out of, another pole on the ground was to go sideways over. Both the girls were really good and I worked them together, each taking turns to work around the course. I didn’t tackle this from their backs like a rider competing in Working Equitation would, we started as we normally do at liberty.

Thanks to the bond and relationship we share I was able to work safely with 2 horses sharing the arena and we certainly did have some fun. Carolyn Resnick’s method helps us to build a strong bond like horses would share together, as well as a working bond where our horse wants to please us.  In the past I have had a little jump with Noo noo and she always seemed a bit unimpressed by this. Today she flew over the hay bales. We did have to set a boundary over eating them, once this was understood we were fine. Here is a clip of the master of W.E Pedro Torres. I do admire the skill needed by both horse and rider.

Don’t ever be afraid to have some fun, once you have the working bond built at liberty using the Waterhole Rituals you know when and how to ask and your horse likes this and says YES!

After our work out, I spent some time grooming with the grooming gloves both girls love this, both of them decided when it was time to stop grooming, slow up and just breath. They put their muzzle next to my face and we both take long slow breaths and enjoy being, they ask for this slow time and they bring me a sense of peace.

More lessons from the horses about different ways to find the entry point of connection.

Last weekend I returned to Surrey and Kent it was a great weekend and as always the horses bring the lessons we need in the moment. Lots of great sessions and connections, new to the group on Saturday were Holly and Carla who both  already shared great relationships with their horses, they both experienced a very different and deeper way to connect at liberty. Holly is expecting a baby and her lovely horse beks sniffed her little bump several times, he was very focused on her and I think they will enjoy this time to deepen the bond working at liberty together. Carla’s mare Joste was a bit unsettled and was surprised when I checked that we could request that she move, if a horse is unsettled I will try to find the entry point of connection for them and a way to settle them, if this is not possible we will not work with the horse. I felt she was more interested in me when I made a request of her, even if it was one which was new to her. This helped her to settle and soon she was safe for Carla to work with. Carla is an experienced horsewomen and did a wonderful job it was rather emotional for all watching. Once that entry point of connection was gained Joste responded beautifully. Sharing a close connection with Carla. The pair had never worked at liberty before. It is beautiful to see what our horses are ready to offer sometimes.

Aprils cheeky gypsy cob Shamus was showing us he was interested in being cheeky and also exploring anything he could find, he was not focused and was very busy, for him the entry point of connection was finding neutral for himself and April, once this was achieved they had a beautiful harmonious connection.

Nina and Fred have a long tale to tell which I hope she will share here one day, this weekend the ‘goal’ that she had once wanted, and Fred had shown her needed to be dropped was realised. Now being grateful for Fred and loving him just for being him, sharing territory and living in the moment with him has gifted her with a close relationship. A true working bond has grown between them now.

Unable to ride or lunge Fred, Nina found the Waterhole Rituals and this weekend her lovely Spanish horse who did not want someone on his back came to the mounting block and when he moved closer to offer Nina his back, well lets just say the tissues weren’t far away. For all of us. He had a choice and showed clearly the things he was choosing. Nina has entered a new world and notices his messages and gives him freedom to choose.

Nina enjoying sharing territory with Fred.


Experience all of life to it’s fullest.

Today some of my family and I went for a walk to the woods. It was lovely to feel the sun on my face and see the trees laden with leaves, the path overgrown like a mini jungle, the birds in the sky and abundance of life all around. To enjoy all of life to the fullest is very much like being a child again, today Maisie and Lily enjoyed climbing a tree, they really enjoyed it and were very much in the moment of tree climbing.

As we walked back we took a route which went along a tall thick hedge between two fields, the horses were the other side of the hedge, they could hear our voices and as I spoke Maya called to me! I answered her and she called again, it was not time for them to come in. When we got back we climbed through a gate and there waiting outside the stables was Maya, she knew we would be heading towards where she was waiting. The horses have the freedom to go down to the field or to come in to the stables for part of the day. Maya had decided she wanted to check in and say hello,she had gone around a route away from us and out of her way to simply come and see us,then once she saw us walk off towards the house she went back out. It is this level of connection and relationship that never fails to amaze me and make me feel humble before these incredible creatures, this is guidance from the horse in how to live connected and in harmony and that is what I wish for everyone to experience. They are always ready to share this with us, sometimes already very connected waiting for us to acknowledge it. Sometimes I think they are unsure about offering this connection to us humans through never having the relationship with a human that they needed. Maya was like this, unsure that I was truly ready to be the person she needed me to be, having found myself and my connection to all of life, of course the connection with her grew and now she knows she can experience this with other humans too.

The Waterhole Rituals,  and connections with Carolyn Resnick and Linda Salinas are the influence’s for me, that have changed forever my experience of life with my horses, but not just horses, all of life.

More lessons from Maya.

 Today spending time with Maya I clearly heard another lesson from her. It was that she had been waiting for me to accept her and love her unconditionally, just like her mother had. How often do we allow ourselves to give up wanting, we are always wanting to change things. When we can live in the present and allow ourselves to ‘feel’ with the sensations in our body and the intuition we bury, with the heart that our animals want to connect with Joy is our more frequent companion. Our horses are so much more evolved in some aspects than we are.

scratching again.

Maya has taught me the way in to a close relationship with her is to simply feel the joy of unconditional love with her that she shared with her mother. The moments of intimacy grooming, scratching those itches and being close have been important to her. There was a time when she couldn’t bear to work up close to me, her whole body would become tense, brushing even caused tension. These intimate moments have created a feeling of closeness that she now seeks and we both enjoy. How could I ever have thought of riding her without these lessons she has given me.


The pauses, time spent simply enjoying each others presence, feeling an energetic connection have been the things that have created a relationship where she now says yes, she is a horse who wants to be heard and if she has an opinion she will show it, sometimes we negotiate still but it is always done with unconditional love. Just like the love I have for my children, when they were growing up sometimes they had to know a certain behavior was not acceptable, they always knew and still do that I love them unconditionally.

As Humans we often feel superior to animals, this makes us deaf to the messages they have to share and the lessons we can learn. We think we know best and even with the best intentions sometimes we forget to honor the spirit and being inside the beautiful creature that we see and want to be close to. Finding and acknowledging that soul of our horse or any other creature, without the other emotions that cloud us is the key to finding the joy of unconditional love both given and received in return. The emotions of fear, jealousy, anger and even lack of self worth along with any other negative emotions are what hold us back, these are the things our horses would like to help dissolve in us, so the unconditional love they have to share can come forth. This is part of their message for us. This is how they wish to be of service to us. They can raise us up to be so much more than we are, when we are ready to listen and learn.

Seeking companionship.

Horses seek companionship, humans enjoy the company of horses, I don’t claim to have studied the science behind this very much, however I know from how it feels for me that horses are good for me, mentally, spiritually and physically.

maya and me

When I am with my horses I am calm, I feel a sense of peace and well being. I tune into them and their world. The deeper our connections become the more I feel, hear and communicate with them in their world with their silent language.


We share time together because it feels good, we feel a bond and connection that is a two way shared energy. We don’t need to analyse what we are doing or over think things, we just let it flow.  Horses know more about us than we know ourselves, they feel our emotions and energy. They know if we are aware and present, to feel the benefits of a deep connection with our horse takes time, sometimes you will feel it other days maybe not, they are always ready to offer this, the self realisation they can bring to us has to be welcomed to be of benefit. I am in awe of how lucky we are as a species on this planet to have the horse in our lives, in awe of how they continue to offer us these connections even when we are not ready to fully appreciate and experience them. They just keep offering and waiting for us to wake up and tune in.

This deeper level of connection is something I had at one point, no awareness of, the horses I share this with are willing to share this message with others as well. When I meet new horses often they connect with me easily, and seem to know that I can feel this they already feel the lines of silent communication are open and that I come with love in my heart. Not always, they all have their own personality and experience of us humans. They seem to know when they offer me connection I am ready to embrace it and I thank them for it. When I meet a horse less willing to share this experience I will endeavor to show them who I am and that I would love to see their true nature, I am always receptive to what they have to show me. Through the study of the horse and with guidance from Carolyn Resnick in The Waterhole Rituals I have been lucky to discover my true nature. To enjoy the companionship horses offer.

Finding the way to connection.

I was recently lucky to finally after many years of meaning to do it, get round to learning from Jenny Rolfe. I had thought about doing it, but never actually did.

I do believe there is a right time and place for everything. Possibly I was still following other paths, maybe my own journey of self realisation was not at the point where I could meet Jenny as the person I was meant to be when we met. I feel sure she has assisted many others on their own similar journey . However I was on a different route to that point.  We were meant to meet at the exact point that we did. I was better prepared to fully absorb all I could. We met as two beings knowing who they are and knowing also how much common ground and love of horses we shared. I had instant respect for Jenny, how down to earth and grateful she is, how not driven by ego and humble, very rare qualities in someone with her experience and connections in the horse world. There are many different routes towards connection with our horse and ourselves. I truly believe to fully experience true heartfelt connection with a horse, human or indeed our self we need to nurture these qualities.

I went open without judgement ready to learn and be the student. Why would I go in any other way? Sometimes we have strong beliefs and we are not ready to see that a ‘different’ way, may  be worthy of exploring when we are ready.

Finding the way to connection.

To find the way into connection with a horse can take many different paths there may be as many subtle differences as there are horses and humans. To learn different ways to connection from experienced teachers with shared ideals is always worth pursuing.

When I watched how Jenny connected with her horses I was absorbed in the moment,  I very much enjoyed experiencing how the connection was growing and to have the chance to try to ‘put it into practice’ Horses are amazing teachers Red and Habil showed how they felt unafraid to show their spirit just like Noons , Maya and Tarky they are not ‘programmed’ to perform. I had to earn the special moments they offered and speak their language. This is when horses show us who we are.

After watching Jenny work with Red she put him away, Habil was just along the yard in his stable, I approached, he told me very clearly, ” I don’t want you here” I respected his wishes and retreated. Jenny gave them some hay and went to get him out. It turned out he had an opinion about Red working first!! Once in the arena I could see him change and he was very focused on Jenny.

Then it was my turn to try out my new found ways of communicating with him. My initial meeting with Habil made it feel all the more special when I felt a real affinity with him. He most likely appreciated my quick response to him telling me to ‘get lost’ and also the fact that I did not take it personally when I was with him all I was thinking about was how lovely it would be to build a connection with him trying to use what Jenny had shown me, also how amazing he is. We humans can get so offended when our horse is merely communicating.

Habil all smiles.

The information I would like to share in this blog is simple, follow a path that draws you in, if you are searching for connection with your horse follow the path that suits you both, things will come at the right time when you are ready. Beware of treading a new path before you have explored the one you are on to the point where you can remain open to new ideas and blend them with your present ones. Remain Grateful, Humble, Listen and like Jenny and myself when we met SMILE OFTEN. Don’t be afraid to feel the joy of the moment. Thank you, Jenny, Barrie, Red and Habil.



Creating the dance with our horse.

P1160520Any dance has to flow to be beautiful, how do we encourage the flow of the dance with our horse.

 I like to think of dancing with my horse.  For us it allows  expression and creativity.

Any dance even if its one we have danced before,  will never be the same twice, the great joy of not knowing keeps us alive to the music. It keeps us alive to the moment. Great dance partners trust each other and have an affinity for one another.

Even if the dance has been rehearsed many times it can never be the same twice. A great dance partnership Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev. Trust and an affinity, creating beauty.

Margot Fontane and Rudolf N

From the Guardian newspaper.

At the orchestra rehearsals the conductor prepares his or her interpretation, but with the great conductors “the performance” only happens at the concert, and it can be different every night. There are many factors that influence how conductors see a piece of music each time they perform it, and their role is to create the performance anew every time.

I once heard a player complain to Bernstein after a performance because he had done something differently from the way that he had rehearsed it. Bernstein asked the player if he wanted an automaton or a musician. Any player who has worked with great conductors knows that what they bring to their performances is the difference between competence and inspiration. It diminishes and completely misunderstands great music-making not to think there is any difference between the two.


I find my horse an inspiration I hope we inspire each other. She is not an automaton as Bernstein put it, I would rather think of her as a musician able to express herself and her extraordinary talents. This is possible because we share a connection, a bond and an affinity. Its the relationship we share that allows for her to choose me as her conductor, so that like the conductor of the orchestra she can inspire me and I can guide her,  It is up to me to be the person who she chooses and trusts. Without putting aside the want for performance, instead enjoying the evolution of the dance together, we would not have the partnership we do.

The performance arises from the affinity we share . An affinity that would not have the magic without The Waterhole Rituals.

I truly believe that when our focus is on our horses well being and our relationship not the performance, that is when a great performance emerges. It springs forth from the joy of being together, moving together and allowing for creativity together.

“You are perfect, just as you are.”

The first Waterhole Ritual of Sharing Territory starts the evolution that occurs when we embrace a new way to ‘be’. Not only does it change our perspective, it changes our horses too. We share a oneness in the quiet, our breath slows, we have a wave of gratitude for our horses. We see our horses as, Perfect just the way they are, we feel no need to change them and they seek us out as they know we feel this.

How often I hear people express that they would like to change the way they are, or change the way people around them are. Change their horse.

It feels unpleasant when you know someone is not happy for you to just simply be you. Our horses encounter this all too often so tell your horse, in the quiet moments of connection. ” You are perfect” He may say the same to you.