Mind ,Body, and Spirit.

I love my logo, my friend Polly and I designed it together. Why did I choose this? I feel that it is important to consider all aspects of our horse and indeed ourselves.

If we don’t have a happy relaxed horse in his mind it will show in his body, the same is true for us, when we are not happy and balanced it can show as Dis-ease, so when our horse is not at ease it is not beneficial to his overall well being. What do we address first? well all things are connected so really we need to address the whole horse. The whole relationship with our horse and ourselves.

We all interpret Mind, Body, Spirit, in slightly different ways as well depending on our own perspective and evolution. It is not static every second there are changes going on in us and in our horse, we need to bring awareness to these changes and shifts, therefore we also need to remain focused. How often do you find your mind has wandered when you are with your horse. Sometimes this happens and we wonder why our horse is not paying attention!!! So a balanced mind, and overall awareness are very beneficial.

We can also hold tension in our bodies, our horse will often reflect this, do you find you are clenching your jaw? stiff in your neck? or have a knot in your stomach? very often our horses will mirror this, if we do a scan of our body and find tension be aware it is there and let it go, watch your horse let go and show signs of relaxation. So a relaxed body is a start, we can also find ways to stay in tune with our own body and stay fit and healthy for our horses. Particularly if we wish to ride, it is much easier for our horse if we are balanced and easier to be a balanced rider if our horse is in balance. Mind and body are connected, what goes on in our mind can affect the body, they can work together in harmony. Our mind can listen to sensations in the body and we can feel sensations in our body due to what is going on in our mind.

Sharing Territory and the daily practice of The Waterhole Rituals
™ The Carolyn Resnick method gives me the time to address how our relationship will feel today and do we have balance in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Spirit………. this can mean different things to different people, we know about our mind it asks questions for us , takes in knowledge and sometimes plays tricks! we feel and see our bodies. Our horses feel our energy. They can connect with our energy , they also react to our body language, emotions and intentions. Have you ever thought about the spiritual connection? The part of us that is also part of everything else, we can loose the connection to this, I believe when we rediscover it our horse will connect with it, why wouldn’t they we are all connected already. Spirit is harder to check in with, it is not part of the physical world, we can’t see it. It is the unseen non physical part that is in everything so why would we not be able to connect with other life forms in this way. Some call it the soul, source or consciousness, if we open our hearts and learn from our horses, they are still in touch with their spirit and always ready to help us rediscover ours.

Love Jayne x

2019 It’s only a number….

So here we are in a new year! Some of us make new years resolutions. Some set goals for ourselves. Some hope we will reach our full potential this year and find the purpose we have dreamt of. Achieve something with our horses maybe?

What if we don’t need any of that? Can we truly be happy exactly where we are right now? Can we know we are where we are meant to be and be content with that? I believe it is only a matter of perspective.

If we can feel grateful for every thing life brings us good and bad and know it is part of our unique path in life we are more at peace. Knowing we are enough and sticking to our own truth , looking within and knowing what gives our life meaning. This gives us freedom from the pressure to perform, we can keep to our inner sense of purpose.

We are all connected and therefore being conscious of the impact we have on others human, animal, the planet and beyond is important. It matters, how we impact one person as it may lead on to how they impact another! Food for thought. Lets hope we can all strive for the most beneficial ways to impact one another next year and beyond.

I have been fortunate to be able to share what I love The Waterhole Rituals
™ I hope the people and horses I meet feel it has had a beneficial impact. I know many do. My wish for this year is to connect in person with as many of you as possible, to continue to share what has bought so much meaning and joy to me and to keep being part of the wonderful kindness I feel within the clinics we experience together. When we meet I know we will be exactly where we are meant to be. For me I am always ready for the next gift from my horses as well as yours. Often they are more than any goal I would have set out to achieve it is so exciting when the unexpected happens.

Thanks to Jacqueline Sheedy for the pictures.

Wishing everyone Health, Happiness and Horses! not only for the new year but for life.

Love Jayne x


The growing relationship with Chester.

We are growing what Carolyn Resnick calls the 5 heartfelt strings of connection, most days they are feeling pretty good now and he seeks my company, I know from my experience with the girls that you can always work on them and deepen the bond you share, the trust between you, the mutual respect for each other, the willingness and focus. I know he is feeling keen to share time with me doing nothing as well as doing something together, he loves new requests and is very happy when he understands the request! Then he will willingly oblige. He is so clever and loves to be told so!

Sometimes you need to be very clear in your message to your human.

Christmas training tips from Maya, trust the messages I am sending you and pay attention.

When my human finds the things I enjoy doing, then maybe I will offer to do something she enjoys but I have been unsure of.

I decided to keep standing by the mounting block, she got the message and soon after I invited her to get on my back.

My human had only worked on our relationship and given up any thoughts of ‘Training’ me, it felt good. I believe she learnt this from someone called Carolyn Resnick, she often mentions her and The Waterhole Rituals

Merry Christmas, and good luck with your human,

love Maya. x

Christmas tips from Noonoo.

In the winter you can even share territory with your human inside, they feel the cold!

Share time with your human, allow them to become present and enjoy your company doing nothing.

Do this as much as you do ‘something’ together, they will become stuck to you like glue.

They will learn to be dependable and to trust you. 

Happy Christmas,

Noonoo. x

Reflection, looking forward and now.

December, and winter is truly here, the leaves have gone and Christmas is around the corner.

For many of us a time to enjoy a break from work, time with family and friends. In the UK and many other more northern countries the weather can be demanding for us, the days are shorter, wetter and colder. Some days are dark and the sun seems to have vanished. It can be hard to get motivated. It can feel like energy has decreased.

I believe we can take a day off, give ourselves a break. Even though the horses, cows, pigs, ducks , geese and dogs need feeding and cleaning out I can give myself a day where I do only the essential things and take some time out. I can indulge in reflecting on the incredible year I have had and also look forward to the one ahead. I can enjoy this very moment spending more time with my grandchildren or simply allowing myself to sit with the dogs by the fire and leave the housework for now!

Fond memories of Wales.

When I do sit and reflect I look back and feel incredibly grateful. I am fortunate to be sharing something I love, The Waterhole Rituals™ this teaches me so much about myself.

I have always felt that a little kindness and care for others is something we can find within us at any moment. This has lead me to honor the fact that we are all different, with different learning styles and different boundaries, I started full of enthusiasm and as I have learnt going along, I can share what I feel someone may benefit from and then leave it with them, for them to play with, work out and ‘feel’ for themselves. I am always there for support if someone needs it and this seems to work as I have found people more confident to have a go and make mistakes when they know they can always ask for help. Often they discover the answers themselves. This is an essential part of discovery and growth, I still make mistakes, or should I say experience chances to learn.

When I give people space I also have a moment of pause within myself, this allows me to try my best to ‘see the bigger picture’ sometimes the horses are about to bring the lesson we really needed. It is not always what we would have hoped for or expected, it can be a wonderful feeling or sometimes a very difficult one often the difficult ones seem to have the most impact and growth within us. Of course I share these lessons and often they are ones I need too.

I hope the horses will keep helping me grow as a person and instructor so that whatever your personal path is , whatever your learning style is, we can find a common ground and a connection. So that the easy and natural conversation we are sharing with our horse, us humans can enjoy together too. Starting from kindness in our conversations with others I feel is a good place to start and I thank everyone for trusting me, with your relationships with your horses and for showing so much KINDNESS , to me , to each other and importantly to yourselves.

I look back at pictures from this year and what jumped out of them was the joy we shared, the kindness and support for each other. 

Look out for some Christmas blogs, with tips, insights and thoughts on what I have learnt from The Waterhole Rituals.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy new year.

Love Jayne x

Getting to know you.

How do you get to know a new horse or pony?

By using The Carolyn Resnick Method of horsemanship, The Waterhole Rituals™. For me the start is always spending time, as much time as possible, as long as it takes to find out who he is and what he might like to do. Time to let him initiate a relationship with me.

How do I know what he would like? I get to know him.

By using The Waterhole Rituals and building on the five heartfelt strings of connection, by finding which of these come easily to him and which may need more time and attention. By pausing and spending time without any demands on him. 

For many people they don’t have this luxury if they have to go to a riding school and use hired horses, however even little things can make such a difference to the horse. Maisie is only 8 years old but one freezing cold evening she spent 15 minutes interacting with Chester, she learnt how easily she could move him with the merest swish of a reed, he knew to move when asked. She learnt when he was focused on her and how to approach him so that he invited her into his space and greeted her.

After this we put his headcollar on and he let Maisie lean over his back at the mounting block, he looked round to see who it was, I have already done this with him, he stood happily and got a carrot then got taken in for some hay before it was dark. Both Chester and Maisie were not rushed and although I will work with Chester myself I do hope the children will too.

Not many people have this start but I know how right it feels.  I recently visited Liz James at Witney Pony Partners. I am so grateful for being able to add to her program with an introduction of The Waterhole Rituals™.  This is a women with a vision of a different type of riding school and I know she aims to take care of the ponies and the humans. Showing there is more than ONLY riding. She already teaches horsemanship and how to handle ponies as well. I am looking forward to going back next year.


Love Jayne.


Chester and finding Grace.

I have been struggling lately with the horrid wet weather we have been having sometimes it is not so easy to feel grateful, finding grace in small things helps.

Chester decided after having some cuts on a hind leg when he challenged Maya for leadership, that he could not and would not pick that foot up. His cuts have healed and he is fine however he is very sensitive and had a big bee in his bonnet over that foot.

I have been grateful for small tries and at last this week I managed to pick out the whole foot. I had to be grateful and ‘Find Grace’ in a mere moment of attempting to give me it  and be grateful for every step forward.



Our relationship grows all the time and he has become more confident in this, confident enough to surprise me by becoming more demanding over food, we had a chat about it and I explained I was not up for bad manners, this has been resolved by working with food even more, I am so very grateful for the lessons my horses bring and for the Waterhole Rituals giving me the answers. Many people I meet shy away from using food with a pony who starts to nibble or becomes more pushy, if we sweep things under the carpet however, one day we will trip and find them still there underneath.

Here is the reformed Chester, it was a very minor mistake on his part, and all part of strengthening the bonds. I had to let him know I noticed that’s all! and find the grace in what actually was a step in the right direction, when we look at what ever happens and see it this way everything makes sense. So we played around a bucket of carrots with grace and ease.

I wish you all as much grace and ease as you can find. We simply have to notice it.

Love Jayne x


All the horses that I meet teach me something. The new addition to our little herd, Chester has come with lots of lessons I am sure. While we all miss Tarquin we welcome Chester, after 12 days here he starts to show who he really is!


He seemed to want to bond with me when we first met at World horse Welfare. The approach I have is very different to what he has known and sharing territory with him gave him the chance to start to investigate me and find out how this human who behaved a bit differently really is. He was interested! I have taken time to ask permission to enter his personal space, he is not so sure about being touched in some places, he has had to accept lots of new things, pigs, dogs, sheep, cows,  coming in and out of the field and seeing the girls leave him to go to the arena also doing the same himself. The first time he heard music in the arena he wondered what it was!

Chester has learnt that I will be consistent, fair and I am sure he has noticed that when I am with the horses I am listened to by the girls and he follows along with this. He is learning to fit in. Noonoo and Maya are also learning to fit in with him.

Horses don’t always experience harmony when there are changes going on, however I see them getting closer to it all the time, disputes are not always sorted out without some form of physical communication. Chester has been clear in his intentions and so have the girls. It can be hard for us humans to be as clear as the horses, however I feel they are far happier when we are. We have to balance how do we strive for harmony? How do we make sure our intentions are clear, fair and understood.

I look forward to the relationship Chester and I will share as we start our journey with the Waterhole Rituals and form a working bond together.

For now all I can say is it feels very good to be granted the moments of connection he offers so early on.

Love Jayne x