Balance & Harmony.


The Yin Yang symbol a symbol of balance? It seems that way the dark part the Yin has a part of the white part the Yang and vice versa . It is a symbol from Daoism/Taoism  ancient Chinese religion. So the fact that both parts contain some of each other conveys the message that everything contains the seed of it’s opposite. Daoism teaches that the universe is made up of energies, vibrations and matter. Something can be Yin or Yang the two are both sides of the same coin.

If the universe is made up of energies vibrations and matter how do we experience this? and you might be asking now “What has it to do a blog about horses?”

Horses are far more tuned into this than us. They can be our guides to feeling energy, vibration and matter, Like Yin and Yang these are all interlinked is a wave yin or yang? is it energy, vibration or matter? It can be all of these.

When we start to see our horses in this way as a creature who is capable of being far more finely tuned into these things than us we can start to appreciate how she can feel us coming before we arrive, as do our dogs. Our horse can seem to read our mind and know what mood we are in.

Someone came to visit our farm, he was a farmer, he walked through where the horses were in their stables and told me he didn’t like horses “One end bites and the other end kicks!” and “They can smell fear” I agreed and added they fear your fear and can defend themselves or ( and here is the lesson about you from the horse) they could be sending you a message about how you make them feel.

If you are afraid you are out of balance with the harmony of nature. Your horse may not smell it but they feel it. So if you find yourself in this place take a moment to know that balance contains dark and light, acknowledge your fear, feel how it makes your body feel, no point trying to disguise it from a horse this creates more imbalance within us. What ever we wish to do with our horse, Balance and Harmony between us makes it a pleasurable experience for both of us.

To accept that we don’t need to be perfect or tough or ‘a great horseman’ or a great rider or anything other than ourselves, knowing who we are and being authentic with horses opens up a wonderful conversation and creates more…..Balance & Harmony.

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Wishing you Balance and Harmony.

Jayne x

Who needs grooming anyway!

Today I planned to get both girls in the arena and get back to our joint sessions, Maya is looking much better, not 100% but ok after her accident.

The weather had other ideas, as I walked to the stables it started to snow, well they are all hairy and shedding their coats so maybe today would be for grooming instead, Noons was feeling frisky and trying to get my attention.

I went in with all the grooming gear, said hello let her sniff the brush, scratched her. We always start with some form of greeting. To march in and just help myself to contact on her body would feel rude now.

Despite my polite approach she was not in the mood, sometimes it is just because she wants to get on and work but today was different she clearly didn’t want grooming. At least not on her body. I changed my mind, I asked could we simply have a moment together? as she stopped and sniffed me stood still and our breathing started to get deeper, we both enjoyed finding a deeper connection than before. I could feel her ask for me to touch her ears or her nose, I tuned in to how she would like this ‘grooming’ session to go.

I remembered I had my camera to put on the fence to film both the girls together. This could be the most boring video I have ever made and you really can’t ‘feel’ what we felt. It is a snapshot but I urge you lovingly ‘groom’ or not your horse.


Instead of a clean horse I was given the gift of what at times felt like a meditation together and my horse showed me our friendship is more important than how we look. She gave me such a feeling of pure contentment and love. She really wanted her head near me and we spent around 40 minutes slowly brushing her face, rubbing her ears and enjoying being alive and together. She was very interested in licking me and my gloves.

My horses can escape my influence anytime even in the stable as they have an opening to a pen, they are always loose and if they leave me I will not pursue them, I simply go to another horse. Often this causes them to want me to come back!

I do hope you can search for the special moments with your horse,  in the uk and other colder climates it is hard through the winter and many of you are really wanting spring to come, don’t hurry though, enjoy what your horses can offer you to make your winter less bleak. Noonoo made mine positively warm today. I did have many layers of clothing too!

Please share the things your horses do to warm your heart.

Jayne x

When my horse chooses what I need.

Recently Noonoo has chosen to show me things at liberty. Sometimes these are things I have dreamt of , thought of, or we have tried and left alone for now. Sometimes not.

It depends on how it feels when she shows me these things as to my approach. If it feels good and is something I would desire for us to do then I follow her lead. If however it feels like her trying to lead in an undesirable way, I will change the subject and ignore the unwanted display. I have found that mostly when I listen and see what she wants to do in the moment it works out for the best. I can still influence HOW we do what she chooses, so it goes with a partnership!

Our focus and fun at liberty recently has been cantering together, today Noonoo didn’t want to carry on at liberty too long, we were instantly connected walking around together for a bit. Every time we went past the Bareback pad on the fence she stopped and touched it, she does this to say come on I would like to do the riding bit. So my idea of cantering at liberty together today was not her idea. I went with her and got on.


She reads my mind and I had been remembering a dressage lesson about  the quality of the transition into canter being more important than the amount of canter, the better the transition the better the canter. This was in my mind  while I was mucking out her stable I was thinking about how I could time my aids to get the best response and make it easier for her . I think she heard.

I do know she is a step ahead of me and after warming up in walk she decided today was for those canter transitions and for her to help her human try to get it right.

We must have done around 30 or more transitions to canter, she kept going! It was enough for me in a bareback pad! Hot bath night. Sometimes I got it a bit better and sometimes not, she kept going untill she felt she had given me a good schooling session!  Often the horses are waiting for us to stop thinking we can improve them as they know it is all about them assisting us to be the most self aware person we can be. She knows I am grateful for these lessons and we both end feeling proud and enjoying our ever evolving partnership.

Without taking the time to be with her, simply to enjoy her company and to take the time to tune in to her and all around me and without the lessons from the Waterhole Rituals,  Carolyn Resnick and Linda Salinas we would be missing the feel, the silent communication and the friendship we share in riding.

My beautiful tolerant teacher helping me try my best to get it right.

Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy the lessons from your horse. Please do share them.

Jayne x

One of those days!

Ever had ‘One of those days’.

Sometimes we have plans and a time frame to work within and no matter what! Things just don’t go to plan. Our emotions can take over and we get frustrated, upset, angry?

Our Horses feel this.

When we have ‘One of those days’ our horses can send us messages to let us know they know! Maybe they try to slow us up, Maya and Noonoo are very good at this, if I go in and start grooming them with my mind else where they will sometimes just accept this, or they turn to face me and put their nose right up to me and breath, I believe they are telling me to slow up take a breath and come back to the present and them. I stand soaking up the wonderfulness of a horse and hey presto I am back.

Sometimes our horses need to shout to be heard, if your horse is displaying an unwanted behavior make sure you are not missing a message about you! There was a time when my horses needed to be louder and now I look back and marvel at how they wait patiently for us to wake up!

When we do and we enter into their world it is a place where emotions can be replaced with feelings, senses, and a new awareness. More like a horse!

When it comes to my horses there really is no limit to what I know I can learn from them.

Jayne x

Noonoo was not no no, she is very much Yesyes!!!

Many courses clinics and coaching calls ago I joined an online course, I took a leap of faith as there was not very much information about what we would be doing. Something drew me to this. It was with my teacher, friend and great inspiration Carolyn Resnick.

At the start of the course Carolyn spoke to all the participants a little about them and their horse. She asked if my horse was called No no. I explained it was Noo noo and it was her nickname, ( easier than Xinita (shenita) she was named after the hoover in teletubbies. She would gently hoover my grandchildren. The cartoon hoover Noonoo often looked like she was misbehaving but it would turn out she was actually helping the teletubbies. Hhhmm familiar.

Noo noo was a big challenge for me, very hot tempered and someone once called her feral. I think what Carolyn saw was that we liked each other, I was not afraid of her, simply didn’t know how to handle her. She was not feral she had her spirit intact.

Over the 2 months of the Waterhole Ritual course I learnt how to build a relationship with her that she needed to truly be a Yes yes horse.

Now I am mindful to keep the yes’s coming she has learnt to enjoy saying yes and I have learnt not to ask for something that will provoke a No! I love to look for the good, to ask when she is willing, and to know my horse so well,  that I can change my mind before the no!

Here is an example, today I rode Noons we were working on rein back, not her favorite, on the right rein lovely soft backwards steps. On the left as soon as I asked I felt a block, so I changed my mind and decided to trot. lovely forward trot from halt that I could praise her for. We went back to the right and again lovely, so lots of praise and a carrot. Next time I asked on the left I came in from the fence and she stepped back but not straight,  this was hugely rewarded it was not perfect but it was a yes, far more important than pushing for something text book and provoking a NO! It was difficult for her next to the fence as it would have kept her straight. We can go back to backwards steps from the ground on this side and start with one step. I have a feeling it won’t be long before she can do it.

Here is my lovely Noonoo after some time off giving me a yes I will try! I ask her if I can ride in a bareback pad so she can help me become a better rider and I love to give her what she likes a roll in the sand.



I love to have the freedom to simply change my mind in search of more yes’s This is putting our relationship first before any performance.

Have fun finding your yes’s and avoiding the No! and… is the key.

I would love to hear about them.

Love Jayne x

Competition Time !

The third Monday of January has been awarded the gloomy title due to a combination of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights and the arrival of unpaid credit card bills.

Apparently, a university professor managed to precisely calculate the most depressing day of the year.

Supposedly the date was calculated by using many factors, including: weather conditions, debt level (the difference between debt accumulated and our ability to pay), time since Christmas, time since failing our new year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling of a need to take action.

However, all may not be as it seems here, as it turns out this was in fact a PR stunt.


glamping flyer

However, many people do get down this time of year so if you would like a free place on my Glamping retreat, Waterhole Ritual clinic in May. Here’s what you need to do before Blue Monday 15th January post a short comment about the happiest moment you have shared with a horse.

You can win a Non horse place worth £100 or upgrade to a horse place or give it as a gift to someone.

Like the posts and the one with the most likes wins. Competition closes 5pm on Blue Monday! So not long!

Some of my blog readers are not on facebook so if you comment here I will share your comment on facebook so that others can like it.

Good luck and lets spread some happiness.

Jayne x

Smile every day.

First blog this year and I am feeling pleased the days are getting lighter just a bit each day. The horse’s coats are starting to shed too.  I hope everyone is looking forward to the year ahead, enjoying now, and staying warm.


It’s winter, it’s grey,  gloomy, either raining, snowing or frozen. Not when most of us are feeling at our most jolly. ” Grin and Bear it” is an old saying,  some old sayings have some truth and meaning behind them. There have been studies into the fact that smiling can reduce stress and be good for your heart.

So no matter how tough winter can seem especially with animals, I set you a challenge I have set it for myself too. Find something every day to smile about.


Kiss a pony, cuddle a horse, admire their muddy hairy coat.15230651_1052701068190299_3720532321892818823_n


Doing a good deed for someone else, being kind, or taking care of our animals, stopping for a moment to watch the birds or share breath with a horse can all help to cheer up those gloomy days.

Maya standing over me

Life is too short to waste one day without a smile. Please share what has made you smile recently? It might brighten someone’s day.

Lots of pictures for this one but they do make me smile!!!

Jayne x

I have had a wonderful year seeking connection.

WHY? would I seek connection with horses.

I can only give an answer based on my perception of connection with horses and how it feels for me.

WHY?  why would we seek connection with our horse? When I first entered into the whr program it was for a reason, I couldn’t depend on my horse and little did I realise she couldn’t depend on me! I could train her to a point however we always hit resistance eventually. Once on the whr path things changed, I still had my interest in classical dressage. Riding along with ground work was getting softer and easier as we continued our journey into The Waterhole Rituals. Connection was wonderful when I felt it and we grew closer all the time trust and willingness was building. I could have continued with a much more trainable horse.

Something spoke to me to seek more, as I went along I changed and as I changed so did my perception of connection. I have learnt from my horses what a true deep connection is, it is the same as the connection they share with one another words are not needed and we flow in unity.

It could be they were offering this all along and I missed it or could it be they felt a disconnect in me? When we seek connection with our horse not only do we connect with their true nature we discover our own. Not only do we build a working bond with our horse where they read our mind, listen to our thoughts and want to be in our company, they enter into the training we bring to them with enthusiasm. We start to enjoy connection with them just because it feels so good.

I have had a fabulous year in 2017 and have had the privilege to work with wonderful people and horses. My good friend Linda Salinas came over from America twice and we had two wonderful clinics, growing the  whr community.

Habil all smiles.

I have traveled to Wales, Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Kent, Cornwall and to a wonderful regular group near London in Surrey. I have clinics and private lessons booked for next year  please check my events page. I can’t wait to bring more horses and their humans ways to find deeper connection.  I made a new friend in Jenny Rolfe and spent a wonderful time with her and her horses,  I am now riding in her bitless bridle and my horses love it. With Habil at Jenny’s, I felt a strong connection. I am working on getting Jenny up here to Somerset next year.

I am looking forward to improving our ridden work with Joyce Mulder and Peter Maddison Greenwell next year too.

In the summer Carolyn Resnick made me a certified Instructor in her method, Carolyn has taught me so much and still does, she is a wonderful women and extremely talented horsewomen. I will continue to work closely with Carolyn and Linda to learn and share this magical experience of the Waterhole Rituals.

Thank you to every one for your support and for seeking a relationship based on the bond, trust, mutual respect, willingness and focus. Thank you for being prepared to listen and learn from the horses and for allowing me to learn from you and your horses too. It has been incredible to watch things blossom and grow. See you next year!

Jayne x

Bits, Bridles, Whips, sticks, Reeds, Food, Clickers, Bitless, Bareback, Saddles, Boots, Bandages,Halters,Ropes, liberty and all manner of stuff!

Phew! I am sure I could find more STUFF if I tried.

I have no objection to any of this stuff, I believe every person and every horse is an individual, every situation is different as well, what we have learnt along the way and how we listen, or not, to what our horse likes all has an impact on the ‘stuff’ we may feel we need.

Recently I have been riding bitless again, I used to ride Noons bitless and then we used a bit, we settled on a bit she was happy with, she had her opinions about snaffles, they were to be jangled and played with and they moved too much for her.  I experimented from time to time with halters, a cavesson and a sidepull all bitless options she always felt like she wasn’t taking riding seriously and would go a bit downhill, calm, steering fine, stopping fine, but just not proud.


A year or so ago experimenting with a snaffle

I decided this time that as always it could be me !!!! maybe I just needed to work harder on me and not worry about her. We have stuck with this and we have learnt that we can do the ‘serious’ dressage attempting stuff ridden in our new bitless bridle. She tells me she is happy with this.

Today I asked her, can you carry me in the Bareback pad ? I think it might help me to check my balance, I know I need to hinder you as little as possible. She was happy with this although I don’t believe it’s good for her back to do this all the time. The tack I had on was just the stuff that felt right today.

Above all else there is one piece of stuff we have always known is the key to everything we do, so no matter what other stuff you use or don’t use, as of course it can all be done with no stuff.  Apart from this one most important thing……….. Whatever you do whatever you use make sure you do it with this important, most important STUFF. You will have to watch the video and listen to the words to find out…..

Wishing you all a lot of fun, love, and horsey happiness, whatever stuff you use and do. Jayne x

In Conversation with Maya and Noonoo.

I would love to share a conversation that happened between Maya and myself. Noons joined in the next day too.

Firstly this is how I see the difference between having a conversation with my horses and presenting them with a monologue.

A conversation is an exchange of thoughts, feelings, ideas and information. Questions are asked and answered. We take turns to communicate and listen. It is a two way exchange.

A Monologue is where one person speaks, they don’t stop to listen it is one way traffic of communication. If we have this kind of communication with our horse we will miss the joy of the conversation.

scratching again.

Our conversation went like this,

Me   I think you are feeling a little full of energy today, lets harness it and influence you to move around a bit.

Maya  Yes I enjoy moving and feeling my power, however I remember when I came to the mounting block yesterday at liberty I got a carrot, I am smart and I like carrots as you influence me past the mounting block I feel drawn to go behind it and stop hopefully you will get me a carrot.

Me   laughing at how clever she is, oh my word how sweet!!! but hang on I didn’t ask for this, lets pause a second. Never look a gift horse in the mouth? or…Maya is avoiding what we are doing. HHHmmmmm I had to go with what my intuition was telling me, which was sometimes it has to be my idea sometimes hers and it felt like it should be mine.

Me  Well I think we should carry on with what we were doing, but thank you clever girl!

Maya   Oh we are having a different conversation today and I can express how I am feeling about that.

We played together with Maya letting me know she had noticed that I had noticed her ploy to get carrots. She had a good trot and canter around and I asked her to come in and we trotted together, her following my lead. Walking when I walked, stopping when I stopped. Then we had a pause and I followed her lead.

Maya mounting block

Maya soft ,relaxed and focused.

After her leading me back to the mounting block, which was fine as we both knew she was leading now.  She was much softer much more relaxed in her posture than the first time. I stood on the mounting block.

Our conversation continued.

Me How would feel about coming closer, close enough for me to mount.

Maya  Well give me a moment to work it out. Oh ok you are staying put up there and asking me to come over, I can do that.

At first she stepped away but only just, I stayed where I was and asked her to come back around, she did! This was feeling like a fun conversation. After this she happily accepted the tack and we continued our conversation with her letting me know when she was ready to finish riding.

The next day I took the tack to the arena, and both girls. My idea was maybe to see how Maya felt about riding with company. We shared territory, I played with them both a little at liberty, they were relaxed and it felt like all three of us were connected.  Maya let me know she was happy about riding and it was by far the most relaxed she has ever been, she didn’t try to go to Noons and went into the areas of the arena which before had been too stressful under saddle she did this willingly without any lead from Noons. She even weaved around cones which we had done at liberty.

I had underestimated how connected Maya was to me and thought she would choose to follow Noons the fact that she took me to the areas she had not wanted to go to and to even start to allow me to influence her in riding was a huge step in our ridden relationship.

After I got off beaming from ear to ear! and so proud of Maya, I took the tack off and both girls were allowed to roll. Noonoo went over to Maya’s tack and was asking me ” Is it my turn at last?” She was covered in sand and I didn’t have her tack, she came to the mounting block, moved closer and I just had a quick sandy sit on her at liberty and rewarded her with some carrots. I let her know she had done an important job too.

Had I not followed what Maya’s body language was telling me the first day and had tried to work on mounting with her I feel she would have left me after all she has the choice she was at liberty. Her desire to choose my leadership grew she saw that I could lead  and follow.  I have no doubt she was pleased that I noticed her trying to take the lead. Horses do generally like to follow a leader who knows when they need to lead and when to follow. All part of our conversations, she is a great teacher.

Building  relationships requires conversations. Happy horsey chats, Jayne.