Video Diarys

Recently Noo noo has let me know we can do this together, it was very much her idea and not something I had worked towards. It came from the close connection and relationship we share.


Working with Tonto who I had only just met, at Treetops Farm. Thanks to his owner Claire Ryall , Linda Salinas and Valentina for the chance to dance with a great guy.



Asking permission to ride has been very important for my horses, at liberty you get the truth.


Re visiting working with the girls together, it is still evolving and as my relationship with Maya grows it becomes easier.




A video showing a little peak into the Waterhole Rituals.



Sharing territory can be the start of an adventure of a lifetime with your horse.



On April 1st I traveled to wales and had an amazing day sharing the Waterhole Rituals.



On a cold November day a lovely group of people came together for an Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals day.



Maya, starting to really connect and also teaching me to listen. She is a very spiritual horse and has many lessons she is showing me. This beautiful song seemed to sum her up and her message to me about myself. About the part of me that has to show up when I am with her.

Beautiful music to dance a calm connected dance to.


Riding Noons Bridle less for the first time.


I will try to get a better film of this but it shows you can ride a horse in balance in any pace, in just an old halter.


Some fun with Noons


This is how connected Noo noo and I are.

Maya starting to choose to let me on her back, she has a choice.

Maya my young PRE who is being introduced to liberty and Connection.

Maya was very spooky when I first met her.

Here you can find video diarys of different horses training programs.
Liberty dance with Noo noo

Latest lessons with Noo noo and Joyce

some inspiration and we are working on it…

My latest video of lessons with Joyce. January 18th 2014.

6 thoughts on “Video Diarys

  1. Hi Jayne, I love watching you work with Noo Noo and others. You are far beyond my level of riding and some of the work I must admit I don’t quite have the eyes to see. But I do see the connection you share with her and that is great. Also nice to just see you and recall our clinic together!

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