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Hello and welcome to my website. I hope you find something interesting here.

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Share my journey through my blog and video diary’s of training with different horses as well as my Lusitano mare Xinita (Noo Noo) , Maya my Spanish mare, Chester my World Horse Welfare Arab x and some of Tarquin my New Forest Pony who passed on to make way for Chester.

I have been very fortunate to own an extraordinary horse, she has lead me to study many aspects of horsemanship. I have had to learn how to help her develop her body so that she can not only carry me but do it in a way that makes riding harmonious, easy and something we BOTH want.

I have had to learn how to gain her trust, focus, willingness, respect and not just acceptance of my leadership/guidance but to choose me as the human she wants to follow and be with. Carolyn Resnick has been, and still is my mentor in this area. Teaching me how to build a relationship and connection. Bringing self realisation.

Through the journey we have taken we have developed a strong bond it’s something beyond what I have ever known before with a horse. I have learnt so much from Carolyn Resnick and Joyce Mulder, Classical Dressage, Martial Arts, Yoga and at the very corner stone and the foundations of how I train now is working with my horse at liberty.

I hope to share this with others.

Why Liberty???

Freedom of choice
If we give our horse a choice, to be with us or not it tells us a lot.  We have to learn ways to encourage his natural desire for companionship.  We also have to make liberty playful and fun, encourage our horse’s natural curiosity.  We need to ensure we can move our horse and stay safe.


Building confidence
Liberty can be fantastic for building confidence in ourselves and our horses.  It can teach us not to be offended if our horse doesn’t choose to stay with us, instead we become a better person for our horse, by finding ways to encourage…                                                                                                                                            
The Bond, Trust, Respect, Focus and Willingness.

When we have all the above elements whatever we choose to do with our horse will be more accessible and harmonious.

These 5 elements, for me are the basic recipe for everything else, it’s your foundation to all other training, or pursuits.  All these things have to be a two way conversation. Building Connection and a working bond.

Carolyn Resnick also taught me how to  put myself and my horse into a state of Neutral and Pause.

  • If we have mutual trust we feel safe and so does our horse.
  • If we have mutual respect the boundaries we set will be flexible.
  • If we have willingness our horse will be much happier to do as we request, we will in turn be more willing to accommodate his wishes and needs.
  • If we have our horse’s focus, he won’t be spooking at something under the next bush, he will most likely have an eye on it, but if we are his trusted friend and he has one ear back on us, he is much more likely to trust our leadership. When we have his focus and give him ours we are engaging with and interested in each other.
  • If we have taken the time to listen to our horse, to work in freedom, it creates a strong bond

Mind Body and Spirit

Why do I mention these things…..


I believe that some of the things I have learnt through Karate over a large part of my life have helped me in numerous situations.

We need to have in our own mind the correct ideals when training our horse, we need to find a sense of calmness, yet be alert. I have strived to not only ensure that my horse has a balanced frame of mind but so do I.

Two minds in balance and harmony.


Once we have a happy and quiet mind, we can work with our horses body to help them be more athletic. If we only work on the body of our horse we are missing the relationship and emotional balance.

We also need to work on our own bodies so that we can help our horse to carry us by being as supple, balanced and fit as is possible. However a horse with physical problems also needs them addressed before we ride them. It may be crookedness, stiffness somewhere, lack of balance, or lack of fitness and muscle.

Two bodies in balance and harmony.


Again, something Karate teaches us to develop the correct spirit and intention we need to have this or our horse will know. Yoga practice has also helped me with this.

Our horse also needs to have his spirit intact.  I would not want to turn my horse into a robot that does exactly as I insist, personally I love to see her spirit alive and give her the choice to follow me, from this you get a true connection with your horse not a forced performance.

With her spirit alive, we can share not just a physical connection through body language,  contact in riding and through tack. But an energetic and spiritual connection.

Two spirits alive and enjoying a shared consciousness.

Jayne Forster

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