Mind, Body and Spirit.

Why do I mention these things…..


I believe that some of the things I have learnt through Karate over a large part of my life have helped me in numerous situations.

We need to have in our own mind the correct ideals when training our horse,we need to find a sense of calmness,yet be alert.I have strived to not only ensure that my horse has a balanced frame of mind but so do I.

Two minds in balance and harmony.


We can work on our horses body to make them more athletic,  Once we have a happy mind, If we only work on the body of our horse we are missing something.We also need to work on our own bodies if we can help our horse to carry us by being as supple, balanced and fit as is possible.However a horse with physical problems also needs them addressed before we ride him.It may be crookedness,  stiffness somewhere,  lack of balance,  or lack of fitness and muscle.

Two bodies in balance and harmony.


Again something Karate teaches us to develop,   the correct spirit,  we need to have this or a horse will know and they will show you.

Our horse also needs to have his spirit intact,  I would not want to turn my horse into a robot that does exactly as I insist, personally I love to see her spirit alive and give her the choice to allow me to train her,  from this you get a true connection with your horse not a forced performance.

Two spirits alive and enjoying eachother.

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